Friday, June 25, 2010

Unable to understand wireless router + modem behaviour

Hi, I am using a Netgear wireless router at home, to which 2 of my laptops
are connected. The router is connected to the modem given by the ISP.
Two laptops have been assigned these IP addresses : and,
and I can access the router configuration page by which
requires login password.
I can also ping and I guess
belongs to the modem and belongs to the netgear router.
But I am unable to login to the modem configuration page
by going to I was able to do so earlier when I
used to connect to the broadband connection directly through
the modem(i.e. there was no wireless router between the pc and the
modem). Why not now?
How do I access the modem now from my pc?

Ans : 
Ive seen this before, I was thinking you were on cable.  Had to call the DSL provider to create a bridge between the two.  Or its possible this is already done and the router and modem are bridged which is why you have that IP address.  So if thats true then I dont think you will be able to connect to your modem itself.  

I could be wrong since i havent dealt with DSL that much.  Might be able to confirm by calling support and asking them?  

Ans 2 : 
A bellsouth rep explained it to me one time.  But it was a while back, it create a bridge between the router and the modem and I think thats why you cannot connect to the modem be cause in essence their both the same??  guessing here.   Thus the reason why your router took over your modems IP address and why your able to get to the internet.  

I can connect remotely if you want.  

Ans 3 :
I still feel this explains it.  He isnt having problems just wants to understand what its doing.  

DSL modems rarely need to be configured, because they are part of the physical layer of computer networks, simply forwarding data from one medium (CAT5) to another one (telephone line).

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