Friday, June 25, 2010

MySql Questions

am using MySql version 
I created a table like this :
CREATE TABLE `cbse`.`employee` (
`ecode` INT NOT NULL ,
`ecode1` INT NOT NULL,
`ename` VARCHAR( 20 ) NOT NULL ,
`sex` VARCHAR( 1 ) NOT NULL ,
`grade` VARCHAR( 2 ) NOT NULL ,
CHECK (`ecode`<`ecode1`)

and the strict mode is on :
SET @@global.sql_mode= 'STRICT_TRANS_TABLES';

still I am able to insert a row with ecode = 20 and ecode1 = 10 .

Ans : 
>>Is there any alternative for the CHECK clause then?
Alternative... use triggers for this.... before insert you can check whether values are proper..

>>And does this clause work for Oracle db? Since
I saw it in a book which is supposedly written
keeping Oracle in mind.

It works for Oracle... Oracle enforces this constraints strictly.

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