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Non Monotonic Reasoning

Artificial Intelligence : Natural Language Processing : Slides

Artificial Intelligence : Resolution : Slides

Artificial Intelligence : Knowledge Representation : Slides

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Installing Equation editor for MS Office


Installing Microsoft Office Equation Editor


Equation Editor can be installed on any Windows XP/2000 faculty/staff computer on campus. To install Equation Editor for Microsoft Office XP, follow the instructions below.

To Install Equation Editor:

  1. Before starting, make sure the Excel is closed by going to the File menu > Exit.

  2. Go to the Start menu > Control Panels > Add or Remove Programs.

  3. Click on Microsoft Office XP Professional to select it.

  4. Click on the Change button.

    Add or Remove Programs Window Image

  5. In the Office XP Setup window, select Add or Remove Features.

  6. Click Next.

    Setup Window Image

  7. In the next window, scroll down until you see Office Tools and click on the plus sign next to it to expand it.

  8. Click on the little drive icon Drive Icon Image next to Equation Editor.

  9. Select Run All from My Computer.

  10. Click the Update button.

    Office Tools Window Image

  11. Office XP will install Equation Editor

    Update Window Image

  12. After it is done, click OK

    Finish Window Image

  13. Close the Add/Remove Programs and Control Panel windows

Starting out with xampp on Windows

1. Download it from here.
2. Extract it to C:\xampp
3. Go to the above folder and double click on setup_xampp.bat.
4. check that all the required ports are free by double clicking
on xampp-portcheck.exe. If yes, proceed, else, do some troubleshooting.
5. xampp_start.exe
6. go to your browser's address bar, and type : http://localhost
it should display something about xampp. if it does, your xampp
installations has been successful.
7. now go to the htdocs folder inside xampp, and create another
folder named 'check'.
8. inside this folder, create a filed named a.php
which contains the following :
it should display some info about your php installation.
if it does, then you have been able to run your first php
file on xampp.
Next, you should check out this php tutorial.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Disabling Tunnel Adapters in Windows Vista (teredo tunneling)


Mounting Windows Partitions in ubuntu


Ubuntu will automatically mount external drives, but for some reason it will not automatically mount internal drives. So this will show you how to mount (or make available for use) internal NTFS-formatted (i.e., Windows) drives in Ubuntu.

Mount Windows through the file browser

If you have your file browser window open, you should be able to double-click on the drive in the sidebar to mount it (or make it available for use). Unfortunately, at least as of Ubuntu 8.04, the drive is identified by its size (in this case, 2.0 GB), so that's how you'll have to figure out which one is the drive you're looking for.

Windows Vista : Requested operations requires elevation

Simply right-click the "Command Prompt" and choose to "Run as Administrator".
Open elevated command prompt by clicking on Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and click Run as Administrator.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Removing dial up connection pop up on windows vista

1>open vista control panel , click on the Control Panel link in the Windows Vista Start menu as shown below:-

2> select "internet option"

3>"connect" or "connections" tab in internet option

4>select "never dial a connection"

5> click "apply" and then "ok" button

done. Hope it solve the problem. Pls see, i use XP and not sure how vista display the screen.

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