Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Starting out with xampp on Windows

1. Download it from here.
2. Extract it to C:\xampp
3. Go to the above folder and double click on setup_xampp.bat.
4. check that all the required ports are free by double clicking
on xampp-portcheck.exe. If yes, proceed, else, do some troubleshooting.
5. xampp_start.exe
6. go to your browser's address bar, and type : http://localhost
it should display something about xampp. if it does, your xampp
installations has been successful.
7. now go to the htdocs folder inside xampp, and create another
folder named 'check'.
8. inside this folder, create a filed named a.php
which contains the following :
it should display some info about your php installation.
if it does, then you have been able to run your first php
file on xampp.
Next, you should check out this php tutorial.

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