Friday, June 25, 2010

Adobe AIR licensing

I am about to deliver an Adobe AIR app to a customer.
But it's my first delivery of any sort, i.e. I have
no experience whatsoever with licensing etc.

Users of this app may or may not be online, so 
can't count on that. In fact it's 99% sure that
they will be offline.

Nor do I expect them to very tech-savvy, who will
spend enough time scouting for ways to "crack" it.

So, is there an okeish type of way to protect this
app. That is, I don't want people to simply copy
the installation folder, take it to another machine
and run it. It should be slightly harder than this.

Oh, and I am also using PHP and MySql, with which
this AIR app communicates. So anything you guys could
help me with is very very welcome.

Ans : 
may be you can do some thing at PHP side, like checking for MAC address and  then going ahead with app.

something like on first run save the MAC address of the system to your DB, and check if it the same every time the app starts this way you can be sure that you app works on that system only.  but again if they get the installable their is nothing u can do :)

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