Friday, March 14, 2008

Unable to kill inetinfo.exe

I had this nagging problem for past few hours.

I use xampp and that uses 80 as default port for Apache.
All of a sudden xampp failed to start since port 80 was
being used by some other process.

I ran xampp-portcheck.exe which showed Port 80 being used
by inetinfo.exe.

I went to task manager and killed it but it restarted within
a second. And it kept happening.

After many trials and errors I opened msconfig and in Services
tab disabled IIS Admin. Then I restarted my machine and everything
back to normal.

Though I don't know what had enabled it in the first place.


arkadon said...

genious solvation!

Vivek R.P said...

Where Good Blog Post!

Anonymous said...

Great, thank you!

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