Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Installing OpenCDS on Windows XP

Second Attempt :
Nimish on Momo Delhi suggested that I should try installing it on Linux rather than Windows.
As of now I don't have Linux so I thought I would make it work with Cygwin. As a first
step I installed Oracle 10g from scratch but soon thereafter
I realized that I am making a very basic mistake. I failed to read the following in the
documentation :
6] Currently, only WebLogic Server can be used with OpenCDS on Microsoft Windows platforms.
And I was trying to make it work with Sun Application server.
So now I have 3 options :

1. Get BEA weblogic server and retry for Windows.
There is a catch here, BEA weblogic server is not free and for
free I can download only its eval version. But since I just want
to get a feel of opencds it might be a good option, and also
it seems if I use WebLogic I might get rid of problems that I faced
in my first attempt with regard to and

2. Try it on Vmware.

3. Try it on Linux.

I will start with 1. as of now.

First Attempt

Note : I haven't been able to install it yet. This is my first and failed attempt.
Note 2 : I don't find enough documentation available for it, so am not sure whether
it's a good idea to use it, since no one else seems to be using it.

I followed the instructions here :
Quick Start Guide.

It asks me to get Oracle 9g, but the documentation that comes
with the binary of opencds (doc\5.0\DemoSetupGuide\html\DemoSetupGuide.html)
asks to get Oracle 10g. And that has much more detailed setup instructions as
well so it's better to follow that.

Anyway, after installing Sun Application server and oracle 9g as mentioned above,
and following rest of the instructions, when I typed

cdsi deploy

it complained :
Files\cds_home"" was unexpected at this time.

The problem was that the path for CDS_HOME included a space, i.e.
C:\Program Files\cds_home
So I simply put it into C:\cds_home, reset CDS_HOME, and the commands worked.

After a few steps I am asked to execute
./ server
but hey, I am on Windows !! And it's a huge sh file, don't know if I would be
able to convert it to .bat.

So I decide to launch cygwin(lucky, that I have it) and run it from there.
There it asked for the license name : pe,try or unl.
I don't know what do these options mean, but it errored out for pe and try,
so I had to settle for unl.

Still, it complained :
imqpassword.txt : No such file or directory.

Now, I have no idea dude, I searched for this file in the Sun Appserver folder and opencds folder
but couldn't find it.

Later, I am asked to run, which again is missing everywhere.
So, eventually when I tried cdse startserver, that didn't work either.

Now, here is what I am going to do next :
follow the instructions that came with my copy of opencds, rather
than following the online instructions.

And, rather that using Windows command prompt, I would use cygwin, but I
am pretty sure that wouldn't work either, since I cannot use variables like
/cygdrive/c/etc where I am expected to put C:/etc. So, most likely I won't
be able to install it ever.

but anyway, wish me luck.

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