Friday, March 28, 2008

Finally Successful installation of OpenCDS5.0 on Windows

So finally I did it.
I have installed OpenCds 5.0 on Windows XP.

You can do it as well. Here is how :
1. Download binary for OpenCds 5.0.
2. After unzipping there would be another zip file,
unzip that as well.
3. follow the instructions in doc/5.0/DemoSetupGuide/html/DemoSetupGuide.html.

There are some thing which weren't listed
in the doc or which are listed there but
need to be highlighted. That's what I am
trying to fix here.

0. Remember that you HAVE TO install
Weblogic server on Windows. OpenCDS doesn't
support Sun Application Server on Windows
as of today.

1. Install WebLogic server as described in the doc.
Version 8.1 SP3. For free, you will only get its eval
version, but that is fine. It won't expire and it has
what you need.

2. Install only JDK 1.4. For Jdk 1.5 I got an
invalidclassException, quite late during installation.

3. Install Oracle 10g as described in the doc. If your
PC has DHCP enabled you will have to follow instructions

3.1 When you edit DBConf.xml, Hostname should be set
to your ORACLE_HOST, according to the document
mentioned above, which I find very confusing.
It did not work until I set it to localhost. So the entry
looked like :


4. In the cds_home/cfg/my.cfg file you will have to change
the parameter jndi.url in the same way that you changed
*.internal.uri parameters. Otherwise you will get later in your installation.

5. You will have to change
parameter in deployment/cds/conf/ as well,
otherwise you will get later
in your installation.

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