Tuesday, March 1, 2016

nginx notes


  1. When the first version of nginx was released, it was meant to be deployed alongside Apache such that static content like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images were handled by nginx to offload concurrency and latency processing from Apache-based application servers.
  2. While nginx works in a Windows environment, the Windows version of nginx is more like a proof-of-concept rather than a fully functional port. 
  3. nginx doesn't support dynamically loaded modules; i.e., modules are compiled along with the core at build stage.
  4. nginx conserves CPU cycles as well because there's no ongoing create-destroy pattern for processes or threads.
  5. nginx does not currently support Apache-style distributed configurations (i.e., .htaccess files). All of the configuration relevant to nginx web server behavior should reside in a centralized set of configuration files.

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