Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Economist excerpts

  1. Managing migrant crisis in EU : There is an encouraging precedent, too. When more than 1m "boat people" fled Vietnam after the communists took over in 1975, they went initially to refugee camps in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia before being sent to America, Europe, Australia and wherever else would take them. They arrived with nothing but adapted astonishingly fast: the median household income for Vietnamese-Americans, for example, is now above the national average. No one in America now frets that the boat people will not fit in.
  2. Turkey - Mr Erdogan and his AK party are tightening his grip on the country by controlling Media, Judiciary, Schools etc. though Turkey's economy is improving under him. Democracy is like a train, he said once; you get off once you have reached your destination.
  3. Turkey's urban growth - Istanbul is ready for its third airport. Urban growth in Turkey is as fast as India/China yet as good as Europe with even slums having tidy pavements and sanitation.
  4. Turkey has been reasonably free of radical Islam. Few years ago, it set out on a mission to resolve problems with its neighbors. Has also done great by taking in 2 mil Syrian refugees.
  5. Should HSBC move from London to Hong Kong? - HSBC matters. Regulators judge it to be the world's most important bank, alongside JPMorgan Chase. A tenth of global trade passes through its systems and it has deep links with Asia. (Simon Robertson, a director of the bank, is also on the board of The Economist Group.) Its record has blemishes—most notably, weak money-laundering controls in Mexico. But it has never been bailed out; indeed, it supplied liquidity to the financial system in 2008-09. It is organised in self-reliant silos, a structure regulators now say is best practice.
  6. Singapore - reserving minimum number of seats for opposition.
  7. Cut flower exports by Kenya are increasing though way behind Netherlands.
  8. Preclinical Reproducibility and Robustness
  9. Tech and startups - Klarna, Voice-powered medical devices, Doping in racehorses, Organ preservation, Guinea-worm disease, 

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