Sunday, March 17, 2013

Self Host Tiny Tiny RSS Reader

Steps : (Requires PHP 5.3 or above and MySql/PgSql)
If you are using HOSTMONSTER - here is how you can change your PHP version.

1. Get the tarball from
2. tar -xvzf <file> in your public_html/read
3. copy config.php.dist to config.php
4. Create a DB and update the info in config.php
5. source schema/ttrss_schema_mysql.sql into that DB.
6. In config.php - make SIMPLE_UPDATE_MODE true and SINGLE_USER_MODE to false.
6a. in the same file change SESSION_COOKIE_LIFETIME to 86400
7. Now login with admin/password

For those who are used to keyboard shortcuts j/k for prev/next article on Google Reader :
1. Enable the plugin googlereaderkeys in Preferences-> Plugins -> User Plugins -> googlereaderkeys

Disabling up/down arrow keys shortcuts :

1. Open include/functions.php
2. go to function get_hotkeys_map
3. comment these lines :

     "(38)|up" => "prev_article",
                                "(40)|down" => "next_article",

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