Monday, January 7, 2013

Dropbox not syncing due to bad file name

Recently my dropbox client on windows stopped syncing new files all of a sudden - whereas the same was working well on CentOs(Linux).
I tried : 
1. Uninstalling + Reinstalling the Windows client.
2. Uninstalling + Rebooting Windows + Reinstalling the Windows client.
3. Changing the location of the Dropbox folder on my machine.

But it didn't work because the real problem was presence of a colon(:) in my filename.

There are some characters - which if present in the filename -would prevent the syncing on Windows Clients.

Here is the list of your bad files(You need to be logged into dropbox to see this list).

So I renamed my old files like this :

for myfile in ~/Dropbox/*; do
    target=$(echo $myfile|sed -e 's/:/_/g')
    mv "$myfile" "$target"


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