Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yahoo Interview Questions

1. Find the combined median of two sorted arrays.
2. How to you implement the T9 word suggestion/spell correction on mobile phones.
3. Given a lot of (x,y) points on Cartesian plain, draw a straight line such that
sum of (length of the line) + (perpendiculars on the line from the points) is minimum.
4. How do you search an element in a 2-D array, where every row and every column is sorted.
5. Detect the starting of the loop in a linked list
6. There is an array with 1 million numbers, having only 0,1,2. How do you sort it?
What if the elements are complex objects having a field type with values 0,1,2.

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Anonymous said...

What is loop in a linked list

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