Friday, November 26, 2010

MySql General Info

ibdata/iblog are write ahead logs(queries are written in the logs before executing them on the server)
- used for recovering a crashed server

binlog -> logs of queries after committing
- for slave level replication

Slave level replication is async, i.e. there are 2 threads : 
1. slave reads queries from server and writes them to its relay log
2. another process reads from relay log and executes them
hence it's async

If it were sync, it will hamper performance of master, since
the master will have to wait for the slave to write in db.


To set up a slave : 
When you take the dump from the master, specify an option, which will
tell the slave, from where to start reading the logs.

You can specify in slave config, about which dbs/tables to include/exclude.

show slave status\G
start slave
keep taking periodic solid dumps

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