Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving to IntelliJ Idea from Flex Builder 3

Of late I have been trying to familiarize myself with IntelliJ Idea
as an alternative Flex IDE. I have heard a lot of good things
about it, that's why.

Just wanted to memorize few of the keyboard shortcuts,
which I often use in Flex Builder, while debugging.

Flex Builder
  • Step Into : F5
  • Step Over : F6
  • Resume till Next Break Point : F8
So, these commands are associated with an increasing numeric,
except that after F6, there is a jump, to F8.

IntelliJ Idea
  • Step Into : F7
  • Step Over : F8
  • Resume till Next Break Point : F9
So, in Idea, they are in strictly increasing order, and start with F7.

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